CB Department

If you drive over road, on a construction site or off the road we offer a complete line of CB Radios from leading manufacturers such as Cobra and Galaxy. We also carry all of the accessories you may need to install and maintain your CB including brackets, cables and mount. Our antenna selection is one of the largest in this area and includes complete systems of DIY cables, brackets and antennas by Wilson, Procomm and Firestick. Our install team can also do the work for you and put in your radio and antenna in your desired location.

Home Security and Security Lights

At a time when Security is paramount in the hearts and minds of all property owners, it makes perfect sense to use those instincts and protect your property by installing a Home or Business Security System or Security Lights. It has become so vital to keep our properties well lit and secure, but the installation process can be challenging, with the complex nature of today’s high-tech Home Security Products.

Leave it to The Experts to Get it Done Right

Whether you’re in the market for Swann System’s and anything in between, Hurricane Electronics has the skill and knowledge to help you with your system with your satisfaction guaranteed.

Contact Hurricane Electronics today for more information on security . We’re here to serve you in any capacity that you need.



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